Quick question: Shavette, half blade or whole blade?

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    Currently looking into shavettes I'm wondering what are the differences between half and whole blade shavettes regarding shaving (aggressiveness, angle, etc.)

    Intuitively, I suppose that whole blade ones might give hard time to shave under the nose whereas half blade ones might gain easier access.

    Or is it just a matter of personal preference?
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    download (1).jpg I like the full blade, shave is closer to a real straight
  2. Exactly. Just like the endless debate on whether a 5/8 straight is better than a 7/8.

    I find full-DE blade shavettes like the Universal more "stable" and smoother shaving than the half-blade, which is "twitchier" but more manoeuvrable.

    I prefer wide, but both types have a place in my den. Sometimes I'm in the mood for wide, and sometimes narrow. In true B&B tradition, get both.
  3. Keep the folding Feather SS with Pro Guard Feather blades in mind.
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  5. ^^ not a shavette.

    I tried a Universal (full blade), and wasn't a fan. never tried a half blade. I do have a Feather SS folding and like it for what it does. tested out an kamisori styled SS and AC during a passaround, and didn't notice a difference between the two, so I bought the folding SS.
  6. I ordered a Universal half blade, we'll see.
  7. I use half blade. Just preference. Why not try both? They are crazy cheap on fleabay.
  8. There are also shavettes that take an entire DE blade. Usually people mean Parker SRX or one of the many others of that design when they talk about shavettes with a half blade.
    This one takes an etire blade, so no snapping in half.

    The interesting thing about these is that they behave closer to a straight. The scales are bigger than your typical shavette and the 'blade' is kinda like a hollow ground. This really affects how you shave with them. Certainly worth checking out if you are interested in shavettes, cheap as they are.
  9. If you're thinking about getting into shavettes, I would urge you to skip the half DE shavettes and go for the AC blade types. Both the blades and holder are more expensive, but you'll find it a lot more similar to SR shaving than any DE blade shavette. AC blades will last considerably longer than DE blades if you care for them properly. Plus you can explore and dial in which blade works best for you (guarded vs unguarded, mild/light vs Pro super).

    The Feather SS is affordable, but I know a few SR shavers that do not like it because of its safety features (plenty of threads and illustrations on the difference between DX and SS). The DX is a top choice but very pricey. You can get a brand new Kai Captain on ebay for $60-70 (message me if you want a link to the seller's store). I find mine to shave very similarly to the DX, while being priced like the SS. You can also consider the IBC razor (which accepts half DE, injector, or AC blades) for about $70. If you really want to try AC blade shavettes on the cheap, look for the Vincent VT1321 (~$13). Then get a variety of blades from try-a-blade.

    That's my two cents
  10. Don't forget the other shavettes. The Weck Sextoblade takes hair shaper blades or the Monsieur Charles that can take injector blades. Of all the shavettes I love the Weck the most.
  11. It's nice to see this type of full-DE blade razor finally on Amazon so it's easily accessible. A bunch of us on the SABRE thread have been using them for years.

    I wholeheartedly agree that the "hollow ground" profile makes the razor behave more like a fixed blade straight. It's still not very close to a fixed blade straight, it's just closer.

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  12. +1
  13. Is this an invitation to the SABRE group?:D

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