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Quick question about lathering tabac with the included bowl.

I purchased a puck of Tabac with the ceramic bowl and I was wonder how bets to lather with it. Should I take the puck out, put the soap on my board brush, and then use the bowl to refine the lather, or would it be best to leave the soap in the bowl and lather that way? I usually use Arko so this soap is a bit more "expensive" for me and I don't to waste it. I have also heard that it likes water so I feel that lathering using the soap and bowl together would overload the lather with soap.

Load your brush with the puck in the bowl. It's shaped weird at the bottom to hold the puck and help you finish it up.

Umm... my bowl is glass, milk glass it's commonly called. Where y'all getting these ceramic bowls, would love to have one!


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Like @old_school above, load from the container then face lather or simply lather right on top of the puck if you like -- I always did that method with mug soaps like Old Spice.

It's gonna be a while before you see that bump in the bottom again, my friend!

Enjoy, it will be a delightful break from Arko. :whistling:
That is some sexy lather!
Hey, thanks! I tend to leave a few drops of warm water on the soap while taking a shower and then load the brush for between 30-40 secs...should be more than enough for 3 or more passes. Clean out the leftover from the ceramic and leave dry until the next day...
You will get a luxuriously creamy and slick lather...enjoy!!
I've got Tabac in shave stick form. It works very well like that. Wet your face, wet the puck, and rub it in to your skin. It's an easy way to judge how much soap you're taking off the puck.

After that, add a small amount of water on the brush and work it in evenly, using a painting motion (just like you're painting a wall). Repeat a few times. Finally, splay the brush and scrub it around vigorously to whip the soap into a lather.

Great shaving soap really easy to lather.
agree with lathering in the included glass bowl. It always comes up an around over the sides and you brush it back in. When I have the time, on occasion, I'll load the thick lather into another small bowl and ad drops of water at a time. Might be my imagination, but it seems like it can improve the already great slickness.
This "bowl" is container for the soap not for lathering. Load the brush then finish lathering in your bowl (if you use that) on your face.

One tip though...keep the puck as dry as you can. I had 2 fail on me because they got too saturated with water with 1/3 of puck remaining. I stopped using Tabac in pucks and changed to sticks because of that
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