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Quick Mini Review: Feather vs Tiger

I have a very coarse beard, that I shave over other day or so in order to avoid skin rashes. I shave my beard with a Razorock Game Changer 68 and Feather blades, in the shower, after having showered for about seven minutes. Normally the blades last for three shaves, with the last shave pulling a bit more, nothing dramatic however. I shave essentially with the Roberts method, which I developed myself instinctively a few years ago, before learning that someone had put a name on the method.

I also shave my head twice a week, also in the shower, with a Razorock BBS standard, and Feather blades. I can easily shave four times, but generally discard after three shaves.

Lastly, I can mention that I use the Bulldog Shave Gel (the normal one, not the one for sensitive skin) and a Razorock Bruce brush (I'm against use of badger hair, as the - mostly Chinese - badger farms do not breed them ethically and are in fact quite cruel). I lather directly on my face, not in a bowl.

Today I shaved my beard (2 days growth) with a sample Tiger blade. The blade felt very thin and perhaps twice lighter than a Feather blade (but that's non scientific measurement). I barely made it through my shave, with the blade pulling significantly on my chin area in the end. The blade was dead before the end of the shave, basically. No way I could shave a second time with it.

I also shaved my head with a new Tiger blade; it went very smoothly, perhaps because head hair is much softer than beard (which is normal right). I probably could shave another time with it, but I'm not sure if I would risk it, so I discarded it (maybe I shouldn't have). Sometimes with a Feather blade, I have to be very careful unless I cut myself due to little bumps on my head; but I thought I didn't need to be as careful with the Tiger, as it felt milder.

There you go, hope anyone researching blades will find this post useful. I have some other brand samples too (Astra, Big Ben), I can compare them next time.
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