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Questions re: Alum, nick relief, stopping bleeding...

I was thinking of picking up an Alum block sometime soon. I am new to shaving with a DE. Once in a while, I get what I call 'pinhole cuts'. These are tiny cuts that I usually get on the neck. They are the result of the blade moving in the position and angle that it is supposed to. Meaning, they are not caused by a slipi of the blade and a horizontal movement. Also, they don't bleed for long, but sometimes they might bleed a little longer than I would like.

I have been scanning various posts here about alum, which hazel, clubman nick relief, and other stuff. But I have been wondering... is there anything about alum that is thought to be bad for a person's skin (or any other part of them)?

Any info about this would be appreciated.

an alum block will work perfectly for what u r describing.

I use mine after each shave (dipped in cold water) and man!- nothing else feels like that. if i could not use my alum block,i dont think I would shave!

also, the alum block works as an astringent, so u may not need witch hazel after usage.


Unlike Marty I don't think I'd give up wet-shaving if I didn't have my block of alum, but it is part of my daily routine & I love it!

As has been said Alum is an astringent - so stops any bleeders. It is also an anticeptic - so helps to keep any spots at bay. Alum in your routine is a great way of finding out if you are beating-up your skin - no or little sting is a good shave.

Alum is also used (by some) as an antiperspirant, I'd recocommend a seperate rock for that:tongue_sm

A block will last for years if stored dry - Last year I bought big lumps of crystal in France (it is cheap there) - carefully drilled a hole & looped a lace through it to hang it up ...., I gave them as Christmas presents.

Jonnybc said:
Unless you drop it on the floor of your bathroom!

Been there, done that, what a mess!

Seriously, though, since purchasing an alum block, I have regulated other nick products to the bin.
I just purchased a nice size Alum block from an Indian grocery store for $1.99 alot cheaper than getting it on the net or shaving store, checkout Indian grocery stores in your area before ordering it elsewhere.
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