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Questions on Gillette NEW short comb

Do you use a shim? I'm not sure what they do to the shave, but I see people here doing that with Old Types to counter thinner modern blades or for some other effect. I'd rather not do this.
Sometimes I use 2 shims to make the razor more aggressive. Shims under the blade increase blade gap. I usually use shims with later Old Types (thick cap). But for my taste no shim necessary for thin cap Old Types.
There are at least two different caps seen on short-comb News. Not sure if one clamps better than another.

This post may help. --> What did I pull outta the swamp? - https://www.badgerandblade.com/forum/threads/what-did-i-pull-outta-the-swamp.559084/#post-10001546

Disclaimer: I'm not sure if this is 100% correct :surrender:
Thanks! This is super helpful. So the one with the right angles is the SC-only cap, while the one with the subtler transition was used with the SC, LC and Deluxes. Not sure if it makes a difference, but fun to know!
Regarding the caps, I've seen one from the side view of the head where the cap makes a couple right angles and another where it makes a more gradual transition to the edge. Do you know which is the SC-only cap? (I don't think I'm supposed to link to live auctions, but I can probably find images elsewhere if I'm not explaining this properly.)

The right angles - you'll know because it looks different to a LC or Tech cap, I'll take a photo later for you.
I'm not seeing that.
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I've had a NEW Short Comb for, I think, a couple of years -- bought it already replated in rhodium. Not only is it beautiful, it does indeed shave like a wonder. For a time I used to skip shaving on Sunday, so my Monday morning shave was usually on 48-50 hours' worth of beard. I would reach for the NEW SC to handle that. It performed every time.
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