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Questions about Thuri’s and colors

Ok, what is the difference with the different colors of thuri’s? Right now I just received a HUGE piece of blue, I have a green, and I have a yellow/green. Other then blade feel is there one benefit over the other and is there edge differences out of the three. What are advantages and disadvantages? I’m sure this post will help many others that have thuri’s as well.

Tons of threads on this topic. @hatzicho has penned a literal ton of data on the colors, origins, etc.

Lighter colors are supposed to be 'softer' Not always true though. I have had very hard light colored Eschers.
Darker colors supposed to be coarser - also not always true IMO.
I do sorta agree with softer equaling faster most of the time. Technique is huge here, so it's really hard to discern which stone is faster or finer, or if I just get along better with one or another.
I've been told that lighter stones are supposed to be 'finer'. This is a tough thing to pin down because if someone hones better on a harder stone than a softer one, even though the softer one could be finer the edge might come out better off the harder stone. To me, the finished result is what matters most, not text book data. I think millions of fab shaves were executed after touching up a blade on a Dk. Blau. I'd bet a dollar that no one (in a well executed and blindfolded test) could call out differing edge characteristics from Eschers of various colors.

Personally, I have always found a hard blue/green (labeled) Escher to make me happiest. But right now I have a YG (no color label) that is harder and extremely good for me. Once I had a super hard light green (no color label here either) that really gave up the goods. That one measured 10x2x1", a ridiculously posh Thuringian runway.
My fave across all of them though, was a blue green (with color label) in that 6x2x1 (approx) size. The YG I have now is in Barber's Gem size, pretty neat rock.
The one I really get on with is a blue one with a really cloudy surface. Came in a powder blue escher box.
I have no idea about color, both my Eschers have no color label, I think most of it is just a marketing thing more than anything, cf. Coticules and their veins.
The differences are small, results are mostly the same. But it adds to the obsession and 'mystery' of things.

Both my labeled Eschers are lighter grey in coloring; no idea what the proper label term would be. They're both really hard to create a slurry on though.
My boxed NOS Escher came with a slurry stone that is darker than the Escher itself.
I have yet to experiment with them to know what edge they really leave. But so far sharp and smooth like any other Escher, it's the very tiny details I have yet to discover.

I used to have a little boxed, celebrated water razor hone, that was very dark in colour and that thing was superb Very sharp and smooth edges, I sold it a while ago and still regret it. I liked it very very much.
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