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Question for you TX Guys about Tucker Gunleather

Came to notice a Houston holster maker-Tucker Leather. Seems they are popular with Texas folks, Rangers specifically. They make a most interesting looking rig. Anyone out there have first hand experience with this product or know of someone who does?


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Sorry, I'm of no help. For Texas stuff El Paso Saddlery is top notch, for Oklahoma Don Hume, and Bianchi, although a big company, is good. I've had a nice Bianchi kinda on the Tom Threepersons design for many years for my Colt New Frontier .22 and it has been great. I'll have to look up Tucker Leather and also ask the local Ranger, and the retired ones. Interesting.
Not familiar with them. I have some stuff from El Paso Saddlery and agree it cannot be beat. I also have a little pocket holster and mag holder from a smaller Texas maker called Red Dog leather. I have been using the holster for my Sig P938 for about two years, almost daily and would get another if needed.


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Oh, and just for grins...don't write off the small leatherworkers. Do you have a saddlery shop in your area?

I have one from Jim Burke that he made me years ago. His dad taught him leatherwork, and his shop was in his little rock house across the street from City Hall. He did excellent work...sadly he passed away from cancer many years ago. If you ever come across one of his holsters at a gun show or somewhere take a look at it.

He was quite a character...with his handlebar moustache, black cowboy hat, and his penchant for bourbon. He did good work...when he felt like working.

Here's one pic. I found on the net. I'll take a pic. of mine when I get back home.

Actually I do. R. Grizzle Leather is just down the road in Dahlonega GA. His gear is first rate...a top tier product up there with Sam Andrews, Milt Sparks, and other such luminaries. Ken Null is also in the neighborhood but his stuff is a tad too “eclectic” for me.
Just something about that Tucker HF1 that gets my attention. As it’s reportedly a favorite of the Texas Rangers... that just makes it more interesting.
I have an order in for a SIG P220R holster made by Andy Arratoonian (Horseshoe Leather in the UK). This guy’s work is legendary but I’m not sure if I will ever get it; order was placed last June and Mr. Arratoonian makes it crystal clear that his waning good health and age are significant factors when it comes to getting one of his holsters. So...I figure that getting one in the meantime is a fairly good idea.
Here are some pictures of Grizzle gear I own or have coming (above).

Also here is a picture of the Tucker rig.
Got to say it has a somewhat unorthodox look to it.


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That Tucker stuff looks good on quality, real good. I just don't know if I like the extra leather at the mouth of the holster. I know, it should make it better, but....

I'll ask Stacy about Tucker leather next time I see him. And Roger if I see him at the store again...he's retired. Eddie retired many years ago and I haven't seen him in quite awhile. Stacy is the current local Ranger here now. I can just call his office and see when he's in...or go to the Sheriff's Office...he hangs out there a bit.
I've had a Tucker IWB that I bought about 20 years or so ago and it still works just fine.

1919 Colt Army Special in a Tucker IWB holster: This was one of the early clip type holsters allowing variable cant. State of the Art at the time.
I've been using several from Bullard Leather in Azle, Tx

I like them.

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Well...pretty much everything from Texas has merit. And you just aren’t going to lose with a no kidding-no questions return policy. So.
Ordered this from Tucker Gun Leather on October 26. Arrived today. Wow. Perfect craftsman, extremely good looking rig. Somewhat tight but I know how to remedy that. Indeed I am impressed.
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