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    DFAF1B9E-76DB-455F-9495-61DAF05474EA.jpeg I just received a new OREN from Classic Shaving. There’s an inner “loop” of the hollow handle that meets the outer portion at a sharp angle that is not well finished - the edge is so sharp it almost feels as if you could cut your finger on it. I’m trying to determine if mine is defective or if this is how they all are before contacting Classic Shaving.

    I’ve attached a picture, but if you have an OREN and haven’t noticed this issue, then mine is likely defective. My wife picked it up and immediately said something was wrong with the razor.
  1. Mine's like that too. Personally doesn't bother me during use. I feel it only if I intentionally stick a finger in the handle.
  2. If it bothers you just run an emery board over the area. No pressure though as you want to smooth the area not sand it.
  3. Another reason why the Oren is not that great in practice. They take a standard Occam’s and start grinding away material with no regard to the fact that the finish has already been applied. It’s even more apparent on the gold colored model where it ends up as two different colors.

    If you like the concept of the Occam’s, which I do, I advise people to buy the standard model.
  4. I just played with my OREN. There's no way I could cut myself. Sure, it's a 'sharp' angle, but no where near sharp enough to cut skin. (I tried).

    If yours can cut skin, then yeah it probably wasn't finished well.

    That said, the handle is very grippy, even when wet.
  5. This morning I shaved with it for the first time. You’re right - it isn’t noticeable at all during use, although it does annoy me a bit. They should have noticed it and finished that edge better.
  6. Mine is the same. I am sure some emery paper attention will solve it, if ever it gets to bother me.
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    My apologies for the double post (I posted the below comments on the other Occam's thread but will repeat here):

    Just check my Occam’s razor, and yes the inside edge of the oval cut out on the handle is not rounded like the outside edge of the handle. The inside edge is at a 90° angle. Never noticed this before, so obviously, it is not a problem for me since I have been using the razor for the 7-8 months.
  8. Well mines (black model) now in the UK landed yesterday (24th) according to USPS tracking its currently on its way to their Worcestershire hub. We've got a bank holiday so I'm not expecting till around next Wednesday.
  9. Classic Shaving has agreed to exchange mine for a new one.
  10. It arrived today and £16.74 customs tax later it was loaded with a Schick pro blade and set on medium. I found a thinner lather to be better. Result is a BBS in 3 passes with a couple of touch ups. No nicks or weepers. Mine seems not to have not too sharp a machined edge but it is the black model and has a coating on it. So far so good.
  11. I wanted to provide an update, particularly because I believe it's important to call out good customer service. We all are quick to complain about poor customer service (rightly so), so it's only fair to complement good customer service. Classic Shaving paid for me to ship the razor back to them. Once they received, it they notified me that they would first try to see if they could fix the problem. If not, they would send a new razor. A couple of days later I received an email that they were able to smooth out the rough spots and the razor was on its way back to me. Now that I have it in hand, I can report that they remedied the problem completely.

    It's probably something I could have done myself with a piece of emery paper, but I was concerned about marring the finish where the black coated part meets the un-coated inner ring of the handle.
  12. I agree completely! Glad to hear you are a happy customer. Enjoy the shaves!

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