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Question - comparing soaps/bases listed in post?

Hello, and well wishes to you all!

Question - how would you compare the following vegan soaps/bases?

Even if you don't have experience with all of them, or if you have experience with these bases in other scents, then I'm still definitely interested in your feedback (on the performance and non-scent qualities).

Vegan Shaving Soap Candidates (listed in alphabetical order by maker)
  1. Catie’s Bubbles “Le Nude Luxury Shaving Soap”
  2. Henri et Victoria “Unscented Shaving Soap”
  3. Soap Commander “Integrity Shaving Soap”
  4. Wet Shaving Products "Rustic Shaving Soap Unscented for Sensitive Skin Vegan Shaving Soap Au Naturel”

Ideal qualities wishlist
  • A hard soap that retains its shape relatively well (so, not on the cream or croap side of the spectrum)
  • Lathers relatively quickly and/or easily
  • Minimal scent of base ingredients, and/or scent of base ingredients does not linger
  • Leaves minimal residue on bathroom surfaces

Other notes
  • Regarding cost and availability to me, I'm equally fine with all these options
  • Primarily for shaving my head (~1x/week)
  • Soft water system used

I know some of these places offer samples, but would like to further narrow down my options.

Thank you so much! Best regards your way

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