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Question: An Aftershave's Lifespan

I have some aftershaves that are about 3 years old now. They still have their scent and all...but I wonder if age has deteriorated them some at this point. Should they be discarded after a certain amount of time ?
I do a general house cleaning and throw anything away like that at the end of the year. Three years seems like a long time!

Put them up on eBay claiming that they're antique lotions. Someone will bid on them and then someone will drive the price up as well. :tongue:

I'll be interested to hear what the shaving veterans have to say about such products retaining their efficacy after that length of time.
Anything you want to throw away after a year just put in a box and I will send you shipping money for it. Some of this stuff lasts a long time. Someone mentioned using Taylors that they bought back in 89' I have tubs that are well over a year old and have no degredation.
I've heard that products like colognes actually require a certain amount of time to age properly, so doubt that too many aftershaves would degrade significantly in a year, especially if stored appropriately--dark, cool place.

My 2 cents.
I have a bottle of Raw Vanilla, Lagerfeld Classic, Angel & Givenchy Pi that I"ve been using since 2000 and they are still potent. I have some Trumpers colognes & edts that have lasted 4yrs. Allure, Obsession, Joop and Issay Miyake did not have a very long shelf life. Also I purchase Joseph Abboud on Ebay & it seemed a bit weak. I keep them boxed uner the sink imn my abthroom. Never leave bottles exposed to sunlight
While it is a cologne and not an A/S, I have a bottle of CK Obsession that I bought in '99. Still as good as the day I bought it. Agreed, don't expose to sunlight.

My Santa Maria Novella lavender is waaaay too high on the alcohol content - I wonder if they do this on purpose so it will last longer. Actually, they probably do it so it will be cheaper.... but it wasn't cheaper.

Anyway, I'm wondering if it might be smart to open the top and leave it open for about a week. Some of that alcohol may evaporate through the tiny little hole and leave me with something a little nicer to wear. Anyone done this?
The alcohol will evaporate; but so will the fragrance oil. Will end up with less of a punch.
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