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Question about Vetiver

I used Ariana & Evans Vetiver Magnifique soap today, and my wife really liked the way it smells, so I am looking for an aftershave and/or cologne to match it. Ariana & Evans does make a matching aftershave splash, so that is one option. They also say on their website that this soap "will pair exceptionally well with Guerlain Vetiver." I never use both an aftershave and cologne - it's either one or the other. Any suggestions about which one I should get?
I've never tried the Fine Vetiver, so I can't weigh in on that. I do have most of the other Fine aftershaves, and they are all fantastic. If you are inclined to go the cologne route, Guerlain Vetiver is a great place to start in exploring the vetiver note. You might want to get a sample before you buy a whole bottle though. Tom Ford's Grey Vetiver is another one to seek out.
I don’t know if it’s close but I really like the art of shaving vetiver citron. Wearing the cologne today actually.
I've veered off the path of depending splashes for scents so I'd say cologne for sure.

Guerlain Vetiver is a very popular fragrance because it is such a clean scent. At around $30 for 100ml of the EDT (at discount sites), it's a great deal.
Fine Green Vetiver = Guerlain Vetiver
Fine Fresh Vetiver = Tom Ford Grey Vetiver

They are all great and they do match up well.
Of the 40-50 different AS that I have I did notice the Fresh Vetiver appears to be the most used.
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In colognes: If you go crazy: Creed Vetiver ($$$$$) - and if you go less crazy: The Muggler Vetiver smells exactly the same as the Creed.
^^ This
Specially on a hot sweltering summer day, Mugler Cologne smell lighter and much nicer than Creed.
But between Fine's Fresh Vetiver v/s Green I will reach out for Fresh because of earthy note in it.
Cheers on the hunt now.
You may want to look for this
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