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Question About Nacet Blades


Comments, thoughts or any experience with Gillette's Nacet blades? I researched what has been posted so far, saw where mine were the Russian ones from WCS and a few folks though okay but that was back in 2009 / 2010.

I finally got around to trying it from the sampler pack I bought from WCS and found them to be terrific so far after 2 shaves with 3rd one coming up tomorrow. Since I have tried 12 of my 15 different blades, including Feathers, Personna Reds IP, Meds etc they rank in top 3 or 4 so far. I see where they are moderately expensive at $30 / per 100 and if a couple more blades continue to shave as well as the 1st, I may spring for them.

So looking to see what others may have found is their experience with the Russian ones versus apparently they are also made in Malaysia & China and if any manufacturing or QC issues?

Thanks / Gene


I've always enjoyed these blades! Found their longevity to be respectable as well.
Quantum - thanks and after a 3rd excellent shave with a Nacet, I went ahead & ordered some more from WSC. I still tossed it after the 3rd as I do that with all my sampler pack blades BUT I marked the Nacet pack to go for more shaves the when done with sampling :001_smile

Nacet rank among my favorite blades, and of the St. Petersburg blades, I like them the best. I get 5 great shaves per blade and could probably stretch that further, but haven't tried.
I second that. I can stretch a blade to a week and by the end of the week they are only just dropping off in performance. One of the best blades. Unfortunately I think they are discontinued now and they are old stock.

There are three commonly available blades - Super Nacet (dark purple wrapper), Nacet Stainless (purple / white wrapper) and Nacet Platinum (white with purple stripe).

They are similar to Gillette Bleue and I suspect the are actually the same blades as they are made in the same factory.