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    I've researched a number of restoration threads now, but most seem to be just replacing the knot, or sometimes some sanding work on the handle. My question is about the two-piece handles. Lots of these old wood/rubber combos are coming apart at the seam. I've even seen some "restored" handles that still had an uneven gap at the union. Is this a difficult thing to tackle? I'm interested in potentially restoring an inherited Hess that is beginning to separate. Thing is, it's solid as a rock otherwise and I'm wondering if I'd be opening up a can of worms.

    Anyone out there take a handle apart and maybe I missed their thread?

  1. If you use the search engine, type:eek:ld spice reworked. also search for: old spice rweorked. yes you have to misspell it or all the parts of the restoration will not show up.I was able to twist the handle out with bare hands so taking it apart was easier than normal.

    If yours is really solid you may need to cut the handle off with a band saw or scroll saw. Then drill the rest out.This is ofcourse the second part of restoration, the first thing is to clean the brush knot out.
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    We made need pictures

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