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Question about Charcoal Goods new razors

Years ago, I was fortunate enough to have found Charcoal Goods. I bought the Stinger handle with a level one dual comb. This razor, loaded with a Gillette Silver Blue, gives me one of the best shaves ever. I’ve cherished this razor, and yes, it does have some wear and tear, a few nicks from tipping over, as it is rather hefty, but still maintains its greatness. I always wanted to add the remaining 2 and 3 levels to my collection, but the previous versions have become collector pieces, and therefore, are hard to find, and pricier! I know that his newer versions will not be compatible with the earlier versions, and that’s a bummer. I’m wondering two things, anybody know if his levels will remain the same, as in gaps and blade exposure? And two, what are the chances that he keeps the art aspect of the razors? All of the razors I’ve seen have a feel of, masterpieces. I’ve dealt with sculptures made of bronze, and his razors truly feel like they belong in a a museum. If you own one, you understand what I’m talking about. Those top caps are amazing! And the handles! I’m sure glad he’s made a comeback, I just can’t wait for what’s in store!
You mean the Everyday razor? I only have an old lvl2 in copper, but I think you can get the nice raked cap on the new ones. I don't know why the older ones would be more desirable.
I don’t have an Everyday razor, but the top cap’s lines do run differently. His early razors have a “made by hand” look, if that makes sense. I just noticed Brian has a picture of the bottom plate for the new level 2, and he added vertical lines on the bottom. It’s details like that, and the handles of course, that makes them so unique. I’m just wondering, because he’s coming up with a new bottom plate design, if he’ll keep that artsy feel, and by the looks of it, it appears so. I also wonder if he’ll stay with the Everyday top cap for the new level razors, or if he’ll have an option for a level top cap. As for the gap sizes, I read he’ll be sticking to those same gaps and exposure, unless you choose custom.
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