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Question about canned goo

First of all I know I'm going to be looked down upon for even bringing this up but quite often I use canned goo. Barbasol I find to be drying, so I tried gel instead. The Barbasol actually gives me a closer shave and I don't know why. The gel is more comfortable but for some reason isn't as close.
First of all I know I'm going to be looked down upon for even bringing this up but quite often I use canned goo. Barbasol I find to be drying, so I tried gel instead. The Barbasol actually gives me a closer shave and I don't know why. The gel is more comfortable but for some reason isn't as close.
There are many who use the can still on this forum. I will on rare occasions if I'm pressed for time. The act of making the lather is therapeutic for me. I've used lots of different concoctions for shaving over the years. I used to use the Noxzema brushless shave cream and the King of Shaves shave gel for years. I haven't used the foaming shave gel for probably 20+ years, but I do recall it feeling good as I massaged it in. The can of Barbasol foam I have now is a bit drying.
I like Barbasol and also Proraso canned foam, they work great and even lather well with a brush. Proraso is about as good as foam gets. My regular soaps offer better performance but using canned foam occasionally brings back happy memories of my Father which I enjoy. I would not however use canned foam with a straight razor or my Feather Artist Club DX razor.
Regular old Barbasol Original is loaded with Stearic Acid, which in my opinion is the most important part of a shave lather. The best shave lathers are loaded with Stearic Acid too. It lacks glide and skin food ingredients though, but cuts those pesky hairs close for me, every single time.

Use a pea-sized amount of Barbasol 1919 shave cream as a pre-shave along with the Barbasol canned goo, great combination! All I use is canned goo now.


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I like it all. Soaps, soft Italian soaps, tubed creams, soap sticks, canned foam. Sometimes I really enjoy a shave with Noxzema, Foamy, or Barbasol foam, and when I'm in that mood nothing else will satisfy me. Foam has been around for about 75 years now- in my mind, that makes it 'traditional.'

Enjoy yourself.
Not all canned foams and gels are created equal. Although I normally generate my lather from a high quality shaving soap and brush, the one product I keep around is Barbasol Extra Moisturizing. If you look at the ingredient list, you will find that it contains some of the same ingredients as some shave soaps and creams.

Water, Stearic Acid, Isobutane, Triethanolamine, Tocopheryl Acetate (Vitamin E), Lanolin Oil, Chondrus Crispus (Carrageenan) Extract (Irish Moss), Aloe Barbadensis (Aloe), Chamomilla Recutita (Matricaria) Flower Extract (Chamomile), Cetyl Alcohol, Dimethyl Lauramine Oleate, Propoxylated Stearyl Alcohol, Sodium Lauryl Sulfate, Propane, Fragrance

The only problem I have with it is that the isobutane that generates the foam tends to dry out my sensitive skin. Thus, I prefer to use something else, but I can use it if I am in a hurry.
I think the "no canned goo" stance is a bit limiting in that there are some good options out there for those that don't want to go all in on soaps and brushes, and there are more than a few that can't tolerate a brush and or some soaps and choose to use Nivea sensitive/unscented.
When I shaved my beard off two years ago (after not shaving for 8 years), I bought a small can of Edge Gel and a package of new cartridges (what I used before I stopped). After the first shave in I realized why I stopped shaving and shortly after that is when I began using a DE and a brush/soap. I can't speak to foam drying the skin because I haven't used it in 20-30 years, but my guess is that it wouldn't be too much different than say VDH soap (granted you can adjust VDH for moisture levels). I find that the gel is slick enough for a shave but it clings so hard to my skin, that I have a tendency to want to use pressure to get it all off, which leads to irritation. With that being the case, I'd likely try foam again for travel (if I travelled) than a gel. But use what you like and what works for you.
I used Gillette foam and gel for over 30+ years and I preferred the Gel, good stuff when taking down a 1 or 2 day beard with a cartridge razor what I was thinking back then. If I was to use cartridge razors again I would use brush and soap because it is more enjoyable making your own lather IMO. I remember taking off a 1 inch beard with gel and cartridge and that was tuggy tough slugging where a DE would remove it quickly with less irritation. I think Gillette has single blade type cartridge razors now but they do not promote them.
I use proraso foam with similar results than when i use MWF, Tabac etc. Recently during last vacation, i use proraso cream directly applied with finger without use of brush. Since i use that method, i get better results than when i use brush.
I agree, whatever you enjoy using or works for you is what you should use. Other people's opinions aren't really that relevant.

The ONE real knock against canned goo that I do think is worth acknowledging has to do with environmental considerations. Those disposable cans will stick around for a very long time after being sent to landfill. Traditional soaps (especially refill pucks) use much more sustainable packaging -- some come in just a cardboard box.
I like Gillette Foamy original in the red-and-black can. I like it a lot. I've been using Gillette Fusion foam lately, and it seems about the same as Foamy but with some menthol. Nivea foams are really good in my experience too. I've only used Proraso white in the can, but I wasn't impressed with it. That said I bought a can of Proraso green last week at TJMaxx but haven't tried it yet.

This morning I used Floid foam for the first time. It didn't look too promising, but man I had a great shave today with a Mach 3 Sensitive that must have about 10 shaves on it.

In general, I don't like gels. Mostly because in my experience they tend to clog much easier than foams.
It is your face, so who is to say what you should use! Do what you find best! I am no fan of canned goo because of all the chemicals in those, but still I think that everybody should use what they like best. Make the shave as pleasant as possible for yourself!
I haven’t used this in years, but when I I was deploying on the AWACS a lot, I used to toss this in my go bag. I’d use brush and soap at home but this was good stuff when deployed. Wonder if it’s still available?

It is available from several sources. I just found it on the site of a company named after a S American river. It is in stock. Just Google "Pinaud Clubman Shave Cream".
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