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Quattro? +-?

I have been using a Quattro lately and have had some great shaves but I also used a Mach 3 and got some great ones from it as well. However when trolling the boards all I ever see mentioned outside of straights and DE's are the Mach 3's. Anyone tried the Quattro? Any one using a M3 care to tell me why so devoted?
I've tried the Mach 3 -- they were handing them out for free during frosh week of my first year at University.

I didn't much care for it. The "pivoting" head felt unstable to me, and since I was used to the regular ol' two-bladed safety razors at that time, I didn't see how there was much of an advantage in adding an extra paper-thin blade. And the cost! I've seen the cartridges in the store and the price is just too much. I shaved with the one that was included with my free razor and that was it for that experiment.

I like to do as few passes as possible, which is why the straight razor has been so great. Two, maybe three passes, maximum. With a Mach-3, every stroke is three irritating passes. Have to go back and touch up? Six...nine...twelve. No thanks.

I've never tried the gimmicky Quatro, no; but I'm sure I would just hate it 25% more.
It wasn't all that long ago a local drugstore had the Quattro Titanium on sale with 6 cartridges for around $9. I picked it up and found it gave me a great shave, as long as I really tried to limit the number of passes I had to make. I would pay close attention to my beard growth to ensure I'd get the most out of my WTG, XTG and ATG passes. I wanted to really limit going over the same spot twice as that's 8 blades your skin is enduring. Irritation can set in real quick if you start to get picky. My shaves weren't the best I've ever had, but it was only a few small trouble spots and you could only tell by touch, not by looking.

One thing about the Quattro and Hydro, I can easily shave against the grain without any worry of even the smallest nick. I can't say that when using a DE, or any other cart razor.

I have used the Mach 3 a fair amount, but prefer the Schick offerings finding they provide a smoother, safer shave. The issue I have with the Mach 3 is the rubber microfins below the blades. This feature is designed to grab the hairs and pull them before the blades hit it for a closer shave. If I use the Mach 3 daily, or even the Sensor Excel/Sensor 3, I'll get some ingrowns. The Quattro and Hydro have the rubber microfins also, but they don't behave on my skin anything like the Gillettes.
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