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Quattro vs hydro 3

For those that have used both what are your thought? I have used the Hydro and think I get a good shave from it, but do not like the goo left behind from the goo strip. Does the Quattro give a good shave with less goo?
I personally prefer the Quattro to the Hydro 5, can’t comment on the Hydro 3. I used Quattro’s for several years and never found their lube strip to be unpleasant.
I use a Hydro 3 when I'm feeling lazy and don't want to go through a long DE ritual. Never tried a Qautro because I've always have thought anything more than 3 blades is a joke and a marketing gimmick. For me the Hydro 3 is slightly more comfortable than a Mach 3 and gives me decent shaves with zero irritation. A 2 pass shave WTG and XTG works well for me I can't risk ATG it will give me ingrown hairs. I rarely notice the goo because I use the Vanderhagen shave butter so it blends with it during shaving. Its pretty much a fool proof shave with little risk of cutting yourself but it's a tad boring like all carts.
I used to own a Quattro and liked it. The Hydro is ok and I agree with the lube strip--but it's getting harder to find Quattro blades--Gillette seems to buy up all the shelf space.
I came a bit late in the day to the Quattro. I wasn't impressed on launch in 2003/2004. I quite liked the Hydro 3 when launched in 2010. Now in 2019, I prefer the Quattro. It's good value for money and does a great job. Maybe it's the Titanium blades from 2006 that make all the difference.
Although I usually shave with a Dorco I still occasionally use a Schick or a Gillette just for a change of pace. I like both the Hydro and the Quatro. I especially like the gel in the strip on the Hydro. But there is still magic with the Quatro. Excellent slim handle and compact cartridge head (for a four blade). I seem to shave a bit faster with it.