QShave clone of Futur?

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    Hi all,

    I was watching for Futur clones for some time. Fist was NT Vigour, then Ming Shi S2000 and now QShave fo 10$ or less. The last one looks identical to Ming Shi, but the price a little bit lower. Anyone know if they are the same factory with different labels or maybe can tell particular difference?
  1. I have no 100% info about this but QShave and Ming Shi S2000 look exactly same razors in different packages.
  2. Or maybe QShave is a clone of Ming Shi 2000s as it is cheaper :D
  3. The price is 11$ for both at the moment. However I saw 7$ for QShave several weeks ago and it is significantly cheaper, especially with free shipping. I would know maybe such low price affects the quality?
  4. It wouldn't be very clever to sell bad quality for low price and get bad reviews?
  5. It's not a big deal even for Merkur. )
  6. The reviews have been almost all 5 or 4 stars :). Just buy it if you like one :).
  7. I just looked up the razor. Hard to believe it is so cheap. However, it certainly looks like a clone of the Future.

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  8. I have the Qshave Futur clone. It weighs a good deal (maybe 25g) less than the original. Set on 6, the two heads look pretty much the same to me--but my eye isn't very good. But oddly, for me, the clone shaves me decidedly closer. Can't explain that.

    There's nothing in the look or feel of the Qshave clone that suggests low quality--unlike the cheap Rapira Platinum Lux (Tech-like but aggressive) razor, which looks and feels cheap, though it's a superb shaver. Don't understand how the Qshave can be priced as low as it is.

    I would recommend taking a flyer on it.
  9. I've received an answer from the Qstore:

    "they come from the same factory, what's the difference is that, we have qc department and qshave brand gift box packing"
  10. Interesting.

    I should note that in post #9 above, I was comparing the Qshave clone to the Merkur Futur, not to the Ming Shi clone. Should have been more clear about it, especially since the OP asked for comparisons of the Qshave to other clones.
  11. I wonder what does this qc department means? Hopefully something like they check the products before sending :). Well okay they are the same razors then.
  12. I plucked mine out of the mailbox today, but it had actually been delivered yesterday, which is excellent as I only ordered it on February 23, so paying extra for ePacket actually worked. I'm shocked at how well built and finished it is. I can only detect one very minor imperfection in the finish. I had read that some of these Futur clones can be turned past 6, but mine has a definite hard stop right at 6 and also at the lower end which is just a dot before the 1, so effectively it goes from 0 to 6, but it's just a smooth progression, not a clicking mechanism like on a Gillette adjustable. It moves up and down very smoothly and looks to be straight. I guess I'll find out tomorrow.
    It arrived in a padded envelope, in a nice black presentation box with a small black cleaning brush which will never be used and then eventually lost, as well as with a tuck of "Apache Personna" blades. Other than "5 Blades" printed on one end, that's all of the English on the packaging, so I can't tell you much about the included blades. I'll try it out tomorrow, but with a blade with which I'm familiar.
  13. I recently posted a side by side review against the Merkur Futur. Check it out. The clone, well copy, is a bargain. It shaves as wel as the Futur and may be the greatest bargain in DE shaving; and no I don't sell them!
  14. Just bought one for $8 on ebay. They make great gifts!

  15. Can't seem to find it on Ebay. Could you provide a link, please?
  16. That was exactly what I was looking for, very curious at what the difference between both the clones were. Thanks for posting this.
  17. I've only saw them on Aliexpress
  18. I've seen them on eBay but they were about $18.
  19. Chinese seller's words. They are not always the truth.

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