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QED Skin Soap

Charles was gracious enough to allow me to test his prototype skin soap Lemongrass / Peppermint / Spearmint. First let me say that I think Charles is an awesome vendor and his products are just simply excellent along with his vast knowledge of toiletries and his no BS approach to products. He doesn’t mass produce products as some of the other vendors that I have seen on the forums. With that said my expectations were high and as usual and this soap did not let me down. The smell was simply invigorating and it lathered effortlessly. I used soap on my face as prep and followed up with his Lime shaving soap. Received the smoothest closest shave to-date and my face was left feeling baby smooth. In fact a Moisturizer/A/S was not needed. I hit the shower next and used the soap and was left with a great clean moisturizing feeling again no body moisturizer was needed .I am sitting at my desk 4 hours after my shower and can still smell and feel the affects of this soap. I think the soaps will be ready for public use in 2-3 weeks. Please check with Charles for more details. I have already back ordered a supply.

Thanks Charles for your continuous effort to bring the shaving community the very best.
I can't wait. After years of using Molton Brown and other shower gels, I have started using bath soaps again. I find some moisturizing and others not.
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