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QED Shave Soaps

I am currently thinking about buying some QED shave sticks, not ready for the bowls and don't want to spend money on a scent i really don't like.

I am here just asking what are some of the top scents they have. Some of the scent are self explanatory but some are interesting like Bath Tub Gin.

What are some of the scent I should consider?
Sandalwood! QED sandalwood is the real deal and Charles doesn't skimp on the essential oil when scenting.
If I've ever heard of the brand, I've forgotten it. Is that a garage based small operation somewhere? A Google search comes up with links to a lot of forum messages, many here at B&B, but no home website . .

"Whoops!" P.S. Added about ten minutes later. The website was the very top link, and I had visited it at least once. Only two items showed up as "QEDman", though.
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If you look at the pull down menu for soaps, the B&B listed there is a custom fragrance developed for us many years ago. There's a frag to go with it that you might find on the BST every now and then. I haven't seen it turn up for ages, but it happens every now and then.
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