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QED Sandalwood


Without hesitation, I can/will say this is the BEST scent I have ever had the pleasure of sticking my honker in! I have never been that much of a sandalwood fan, but again - this is the BEST scent from any cologne, cream, soap, you name it - I have ever smelled... not only does it smell simply fabulous, but its scent lingers on your skin all day. This is a MUST try for all you chaps! Get those shave stick while Charles still has 'em! Shouldn't be any irritation problems either - as the shave sticks have no coloring!

Chris Fisher - How the hell could you not have damn near passed out after smelling this - and ran all over the board like a chicken with your head cut off, demanding we all try it? Hot damn this stuff smells heavenly!
Yes, I know this is an old thread....

Just want to give some love to the QED Sandalwood soap. The scent is out of this world!
I'm glad you did mention this. I am curious how the soap performs in relation to some of the other well-known soaps out there.

I've often wondered why QED does not get more mention.
Some years ago, Charles made a blend of Sandalwood and Vetiver for another forum. It's a divine scent.
I like QED soaps as they have nice, slick lather. As far as scents go, it's tough to beat QED. They have several excellent scents of which the Sandalwood is one.
I happened to use it just two days ago.
It is an amazing soap, slick..cushony...its odd that it does not get mentioned more often.
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