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QED MAN Face soaps

I have been using QED MAN face soaps ever since they came out and have FINALLY gotten around to reviewing them! Doh!

Well they are simply fantastic - no question about it. They do a spectacular job of cleansing ones skin, moisturizing, and they smell exceptional! They also lather incredibly well - these soaps are what inspired QED Essentials shaving soap, so rub it between your hands a few times and you get....

The lather is so nice, you can actually shave with it... and you get wonderful results. While it is not designed to be a shaving soap - on several occasions I have just brought QED MAN soap, a brush a razor in order to save space when traveling, always with wonderful results!

My only gripe is when used as a face soap - these soaps last WAY too long. While not a gripe for most, I am not too thrilled - as the scents are so superb I would prefer they wear out after a month or so! 1 bar lasts me 6 months easy. All you need is 3-4 swipes across one of your wet hands, put the soap down, rub your wet hands together, and you have MORE than enough product to cover your entire face. I was eager to try the lemon QED man soap - as I had it sitting around for about a year now, so I just recently opened it up and am using it as a bathing soap - with wonderful results. Really leaves your skin feeling great! When used as a bathing soap - one thing to take into account is its latherability. A few swipes across your skin, then rubbing your hands on the area will produce a nice lather. Since it is a glycerin soap - it is much softer than triple milled stuff, so if you use it to scrub your body, it will not last too terribly long, but they are quite reasonably priced - so by all means go for it if you so desire!

The peppermint is especially refreshing, and will cover your face/body with a neat "cooling effect" like proraso. The peppermint scent will also lightly cling to you. I would LOVE to see these soaps in his sandalwood scent... delicious!

Here are some pics of the soaps. There is a new "domed" shape to them.


ZERO Residue. Highly effective cleansing soaps, and coupled with a few spritzes of DaVinci water - pure heaven!
Austin said:
Joel, do they rinse off with no residue?
Joel is right. They literally come off with no residue, and they are so moisturizing that sometimes I wash my face with the QED soap after shaving and I just skip the aftershave step.
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