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QED da Vinci Water

I have noticed in the SOTD thread that many of you use this product. I tried to look it up on the QED site to get more info but found none. What is it? Is it an aftershave, astringent, cologne?

Also, If i posted this in the wrong area I apologize, please move it to the appropriate place.
:blushing: I guess I should have been more specific.:smile:

I saw the product listing but I have not been able to find any information about it. How is it used? What is the scent like? Is it used on its own as an aftershave or is it follwed by an aftershave?
Thanks for the link, I looked in the reviews section only.

It is interesting that even though it is made with lavender and rose it smells like neither. I may have to give this a try.
I don't really care for the DV water... the smell strikes me 'strange' and don't really notice that it does anything other than moisten my face. I continue to use it occasionally just to see if I change my mind... plus if so many others like it maybe I'm missing something...?

I also have an atomizer of Thayer's Rose witch hazel and think that stuff is great! I would recommend trying one of the Thayer's witch hazel products over the DV water.
I have tried the Thayer's Rose and did not care for the rose scent. It seemed much too strong. I like roses, but I don't want to smell like them.:wink:
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