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Qed b&b

No flames please, I know this is sacrilege, but I have a B&B decant sample and I don't like it too much. While there are some things about it I do like, there are notes that I find harsh and overpowering.

In general I like potent (Knize Ten) and complex scents and love Sandalwood. So I "should" like this one, right?

Can anyone read my mind and tell me what it is about QED that leaves me less enthralled?
Hard to say. It's one of my favorite scents.

Could it be too "piney" for you?
I don't like really strong pine scents, but I love vetiver as well as Pens EF and Wild Fern.

Is there musk in it? I think it's a heavy perfumy component that's turning me off. I almost like it, but something's ruining it for me.

Are there any other scents that are similar to B&B?
B&B is not a subtle scent. It is more in your face, alpha male. This scent is more appropriate for an evening out with a favorite gal. Riding with the top down and the radio blaring to your favorite restaurant.
Another thing to consider is that the fragrance is very heavy for this time of year and that may be affecting your perception of it. That's assuming that you've only recently begun wearing it.

Excepting that, I had to give up my bottle because it started to aggravate my sinuses :frown:. I wore it for a good while and it was one of my favorite fragrances, but I guess some of the notes just had their way with me.
I just read the reviews. Maybe I'll try one spritz only.

That could be the source of your problem. I only EVER use 1 spritz of this stuff. Any more and you'll turn into the dreaded "cologne guy." B&B is really strong.
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