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QED 218 vs. B&B vs. Sandalwood

Scents are difficult for me to describe in words, so I'm afraid I can't offer much concrete help. Special 218 is complex and multi-layered. I think I can detect spruce somewhere in there. The Sandalwood scent is absolutely delightful IMO; it smells nothing like other sandalwoods I've tried, and which I haven't liked. It's one of those I find myself sniffing now and then just for the pleasure of it.

QED soaps are made with essential oils, and contain no artificial fragrances or colors, so you get the "real deal", even if it means, e.g., that lavender soap is amber in color. I have seven QED soaps (not B&B though), and to my nose all the scents are superlative.

Sorry I couldn't be of more help.


I don't think so, but I couldn't say for sure. My advice would be to email Charles at QED. He's always very responsive and helpful. The soaps are his own personal creations, and he's very knowledgeable and particular about what goes into them. Here's the address: [email protected]

I suggest you ask Charles at QED directly - he is very good at responding to customer questions.

I suspect that the 218 and B&B have sandalwood EO, and that's why they cost more. I have the sandalwood soap and it is one of my favorites and the sandalwood product I use as a benchmark for others.
All have sandalwood EO. The sandalwood soap is just that - the real deal; dry, balsamic, intense sandalwood. The 218 and B&B are similar. B&B has the sandalwood mixed with a strong pine scent. Awesome scent. 218 is similar, but is more complex and multi-layered with Blue Tansy, pine (or spruce - not sure), and other floral elements. Needless to say, you need to have them all. :wink:

Good job describing those scents. I guess I stand corrected on the 218. In any case, QED soaps are simply awesome IMO!

Great descriptions - I can't wait for my B&B cologne!

FYI, Charles is (was) also playing with a juniper soap (I was lucky enough to get a trial size) that is great if you like clean, pine/balsem - type scents.
This thread is killing me. I know I should just be happy with my Sandlewood. But that combined with pine? Oh my. And then with other great layers to add to a more complex outdoorsy scent. :001_tt1: :001_tt1: I am going to order both. I DON'T NEED ANY MORE SOAP. But I have no choice. And I will get the Juniper as well, if he releases it. ARRGGG!!!

{succumbing to the will of the collective}
Just as an FYI - 2 major components of B&B scent are the 218 and Sandalwood - so get the B&B stick and you'll have all 3 :biggrin: :thumbup1:
Just got an email from Charles that confirms what Joel said. 218 is Spruce, Blue Tansy, Frankincense, and various other things (no Sandlewood). B&B is the same, plus Sandlewood.

Hmmm.... definitely getting the B&B, trying to decide whether to get 218 as well. Or maybe I should just get 218, and use both that and sandlewood at the same time....

Oh, and he is considering releasing Juniper in stick soon.
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