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Discussion in 'Fragrance' started by Ad Astra, May 15, 2019.

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    I can't help but notice the similarity between (don't laugh) Guerlain's Jicky (1889) and Avon's Tribute (1963).

    One writer on another forum mentions both, but does not compare.

    By any great chance does anyone here have both? and can comment?

    Because Tribute is wonderful and affordable ... Jicky, which I always wanted to try, so costly.

    I am sure Jicky is richer, but. The profiles are close.

    At the least, I might *really like* Jicky. Perhaps Tribute is a tribute to Jicky? Who knows.

    Many thanks.

  2. Comparing Jicky can be tricky.
    One of its closest neighbours is another Guerlain ancient, Monchoir de Monsieur (1904), still available but not a cheap comparable.
    A number of cologne-heads report strong similarities with Ungaro Pour L'Homme II (1992), but it's relatively expensive compared to Avon.
    Even if it's not a dead-ringer for Jicky, I would recommend the Avon, if you don't already have it. The scent is under-appreciated and under-valued on the secondary market.
    If you're willing to suffer garish novelty decanters, the stuff abounds cheap on ebay.
    Apparently, it was Avon's first attempt to make a "serious" man's cologne in the citrus style still popular at the time, pioneered by the French (Monsieur de Givenchy and Moustache), and copied by department store brands of the day.
    A Jicky "sample" is always an option.
  3. Tribute reminds me of a watered down Avon Leather, which reminds me of a watered down Avon Oland.
    One of these days I'm gonna try mixing up the 3 together and see if they combust.
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    I have three Spartan-heads of Tribute! Love the stuff.

  5. Ad Astra

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    No, no, and no - You'll be attacked by an old lady throwing catalogs!

  6. Hey! I love them all! Tribute is a scent that I wear year round. Plus, I have a bunch too.
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    See, that's what I mean: Tribute is one of their best compositions ... and though 90% of the decanters are tacky, the Spartan-head is flat-out cool to me.

    Leather and Oland are also stand-alone greats.

  8. I'm a MSU Spartan fan. Do you believe I've never found one of those decanters? I'll find one someday. Unless word gets out that old Avon is awesome.
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    THIS is what happens when a Spartan meets my USPS carrier ...


  10. Hi all,

    @razorboi , @Ad Astra , @FarmerTan ,

    Thanks for this tread! I now have a new "QUEST"! Find me self a bottle of "Tribute"! I only wish I could find
    (on the cheap) a vintage bottle of "Jicky". God, how I LOVE these "UNIQUE" (some say Stinky) Fragrances!
    I'm all about the likes of L'Artisan DZING!, Serge Lutens Musc Koublai Kahn, Marlou d'ambiguite, etc.

    Ooh, what funky shape AVON "bottles" did "TRIBUTE" come in ?

  11. Too many to describe, just do a search on ebay for "Avon Tribute cologne" and you'll see them all!
  12. Hi all, @razorboi

    LOL! My new "QUEST" is over in less than five minutes! Right at my feet (in a box) by my Computer, I found this :

    (borrowed photograph). I had NO idea the DUCK contained "TRIBUTE" as the label is missing!
    Too funny!

  13. That must be a rare one, as I did not see it amongst the many novelty bottles containing Tribute.
  14. Ad Astra

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    I'm guessing the BOX says "Tribute?"

    It comes in both aftershave and cologne.

    Tribute is among the more-respected Avon scents in various cologne forums ... to me the classic Spartan-head is the one to reach for.

  15. FWIW, I just paid about $50 for 3.3 oz. of Jicky Eau de Parfum (not the weaker eau de toilette) from a trusted vendor. While not as inexpensive as, say, Clubman, that 3.3 oz. bottle will certainly last much, much longer than several bottles of anything from Pinaud.
  16. Ad Astra

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    Hm, thanks. It is a storied scent.

    You don't also have Avon's Tribute, by any chance?

  17. That I don't.
  18. I need to try Tribute.

    I like the "tacky" decanters. Kitch for the den!
  19. Then go to ebay and "get Jicky with it!"

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