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Q. for the guys that like Personna Crystals but not the Reds .

How do you like the American made Personna lab Blues(not the barber ones)?

Do the Blues resemble one more than the other?

I know it's all very different from one guy to the next, but am still curious as to the responses.

:wink2: just in case:

Crystals...Israeli made "Super Platinum"
Reds...Israeli made "Chrome Platinum"
I have a 10 pack of crystals, but haven't tried them yet. I use lab blues a LOT though (in vintage Gillettes), and I get a lot of shaves from them. I can crack open that 10 pack for science if it will be helpful.

I didn't care much for the Personna Israeli reds. Not sure why, but they gave me some irritation.
Big fan of personna labs blue. Good balance between sharp and smooth. I find them a bit more sharp than smooth and sharper than average blade. Ymmv.

Also have a 10 pack of Israeli crystals but yet to try them to compare.
Crystals are one of my favorite blades. I've only tried one Red and it reminded me more of the Barbers (the old generic US ones). Not that that's bad as I actually like Barbers, but I think Crystals are more on par with the Lab Blues, with the Blues being sharper and thus needing a little more care, especially when new. Crystals don't seem to need that "breaking in" period for me, but still last a long time.
It's unclear from your post, but if you have not tried the lab blue, I'd be happy to send you a couple in the mail (assuming you are in the US).

I have not tried the crystals, but didn't care too much for the Reds (should revisit). Liked the lab blue and med prep. Bought 100 pack of the labs. After a few shaves they really smooth out and give many easy bbs shaves. One of my favorites!
I have both Crystals and Personna Reds in my regular rotation and like them both. The Crystals seem to last a little longer, but not dramatically so.
Thank you all for your comments so far, please keep them coming.

It's unclear from your post, but if you have not tried the lab blue, I'd be happy to send you a couple in the mail (assuming you are in the US).!
Thank you for the generous offer, it is very kind of you but due to a time crunch, I must decline. I'll be placing an order early next week as I'm running low on a lot of things. I'm just looking for the little tap that will push me on one side of the fence or the other.


Labs are terrific for me (top 5!) the labs are essentially identical to med preps IME. Israeli reds are also top drawer IMO.

In contrast, I find Crystals middle of the pack. Definitely OK, but nothing special? Clearly YMMV.
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