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Put a Feather in my new Slim

So first I'd like to point out that before this I HATED Feather blades. I have tried them in a LC New and an EJ89. Every time I've used them, I came out feeling razor burned and raw, plus the shave wasn't any better than an Astra or PolSilver.

I got a new Gillette Slim a week ago and have been adjusting to it. I've been using it on a setting of 7. They shaves have been good, but it required a bit different technique than my other razors with less blade exposure. I have been using Astra or PolSilver in the Slim up until this morning.

I got curious about trying a Feather in the slim (even PolSilvers didn't seem to be cutting as well in the slim as they did in a New). Well, today I used a Feather blade after lathering up with Mike's Rose and Cedarwood (my current favorite soap). The shave was spectacular. The Feather just glided across my face and left zero irritation; 2 pass shave, BBS on cheeks and DFS on neck. I'm going to venture that my new daily shaver is my Slim with a Feather, set to 7 or higher.

Now all I need is to get used to the larger gap around the point of my chin. I've been trying to error on the side of stubble over blood up to this point.


Rest in Peace
Zach; Congrats on your progress! I use a setting of 6 on both my Fatboys so far and Feathers are a favorite of mine. That said, I also recommend Gillette Silver Blue and Gillette 7 O'clock Black; Both are incredibly smooth for me. The male beard is heaviest on the chin and because of the contour is a bit more difficult but can be done.
Feathers make my Fatboys and Slims useful and in my lineup of R41's, FaTips, and shavettes. Maybe we can get a Slim September started?
I think having the exposed sharp blade actually lets me use the Feather as it is supposed to be used. With the more mild razors, I think I was having trouble getting good skin contact without having to use pressure, and a Feather is just too sharp with that kind of contact.

Over all, the Slim is probably my favorite razor. Today, I hardly had any contact with the safety bar. I may bump it up to a 9 in a few weeks after I've fully adjusted to it.
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