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Purchasing from Encure.com

Anyone have experience purchasing from Encure.com? I'm a bit hesitent to order online from a random company with no storefront.
It's owned by the same guy that has the ebay store. Should be fine. However, the prices are better on ebay, why order from encure?
I think Madmedic (Brian) wrote a review on the Parker 84 with the black and gold handle. I bought Derbys with no problem at all from Howard. Why no love for him?

Which seller is Howard? I'll probably buy some Derby's from dssokhey after I get through my samples from letterk.
I got mine from enzmot - he also sells lots of 50 and offers free shipping to the US if you use "buy it now" or $1.99 if you bid - his starting bids for 50 blades is $7.99 and $14.99 for 100.

His prices are slightly higher than the other two vendors, but he does give you the option of buying 50 blades instead of 100.

He was very good to deal with.
fatt_tony said:
Anybody had any experiance with those parker razors? The handles look cool.

I had a Parker 90r. It is a good shaver, very gentle. The handles are also longer on the Parkers. I actually regret selling the razor every once in awhile. I miss the longer handle length:crying: .
I had one of the Parkers with the black/gold handle. I gave it to my nephew for his starter kit.

It was OK, very gentle, not quite so well made as a Merkur of Gillette, IMO.
About two weeks ago I bought an Israeli 100 Pack from dssokhey. I got it from ebay not the website. $10, free shipping I believe. Took about a week for me to receive, to it seemed a little longer because I pay with money orders so it was closer to 10 days but the transaction was good without any problems.

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