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Pungo Says Hello

My search for Old Spice Burly lead me here. I'm glad it did, I have been reading Posts for several days and enjoyed the knowledge and humour of the Members so much I joined.
I'm probably in the minority though cause I currently use a Shick injector, which to me was a Godsend after struggling with modern expensive razors and even worse electric razors. My Dads DE which I loved was stolen along with a lot of other treasures in a breakin a few years back so this old Shick of his was wonderful to find and put back into use. It is also economical though there isn't a great variety of blades to choose from.
Just from reading ya'lls comments I ordered a Sampler pack of Ogallala and a bottle of Mamma Bears Aged Spice along with her soap last night. I also discovered Family Dollar Spice AS, I'm wearing it now and it is indeed VERY close to the good stuff. Thanks for the tip!
But I won't be happy till I find, or recreate, Old Spice Burly. That shouldn't be so hard, right?
Welcome to the forum! I've never seen Old Spice Burly. Are there any scents out there now that you could compare it to? Good luck in your hunt.
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