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PTOM March Peterson for St. Patty

Peterson Pipes and Tobacco are fairly popular and I can't think of a better month to highlight these blends. So put a light to your bowl and your inner Irish. Myself, I started the day with Irish Flake in my Pete 338 Sterling and a strong morning cup.
Well I guess I'll join in this month. But, considering both of my pipes are Petersons it's not really a change. I did pick up a tin of University Flake yesterday, and it will surely last me through March.

Happy Smoking and Erin go Bragh
Anybody go full Irish for St. Patrick's Day. I had the Irish flake In the morning. Irish oak after supper, and If I have another it'll be Irish Whiskey with a side of Irish Whiskey. All in Petes of course.:clover:
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