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PSO VS KOS Kinexium shave oil








Bottom line - I find the KOS Kinexium to provide more lubrication and have a VASTLY superior application method - of a pump bottle VS a drip top. I dislike the drip top quite a bit and it is a very cheap feature. I would much prefer seeing a simple blister pack package like the kinexium and a handy pump top - than to have the money spend on fancy packaging (although I love the packaging of the PSO) With all of this said - FOR ME, the nob still goes to Pacific Shave oil, as it does not interfeer with the creation of lather - where as the KOS seems to prohibit one from making lofty gobs of lather. It certainly does not mix too well with water. If you are looking soley for lubrication - take a good look at the KOS kinexium. For me - I very much enjoy the PSO as it sinks into your skin - does not create any sort of barrier or the like - but it does come at a cost... inferior lubrication. While I feel the PSO does in fact assist in a smooth, irritation-free shave, I will never see myself using this product on a consistant basis because of the "drip" applicator. To fumble with the twist cap, with oily hands, and to have to apply it after each pass, then wash ones hands, it quite an annoyance. While the pump top would not have THAT much of a profound impact on ease of use - it would be enough to warrant daily use from me.

What I would LOVE to see - would be some form of roll on - or spone like applicator, so that the oil did not have to touch your hands, be less hassle/mess and the "sponge" or the like would assist in raising ones beard.
i agree with the offering of a different applicator. i like to keep the oil on my face, and not on my hands during a shave!


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What are your opinions of PSO today as compared to the OP? Have any of you used this brand of PSO?
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