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PSA for OneBlade razors on the Bay

I was perusing the bay and pulled up some OneBlade razors. Not only was I surprised that most listings were more money than actually buying direct from the OneBlade site, but some listings are a crazy rip off. I saw one listing for the Core ($50 from OneBlade unless they're running the $20 sale) at $275. I don't know if the lister didn't know the difference between the Genesis and the Core, or if they figured a poor unsuspecting buyer wouldn't. Just a reminder to always read descriptions and look at photos closely.
That happens a with Razorock Mambas and Game Changers too, some even state as not currently produced... I believe too they prey the unsuspected buyers ...

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i noticed it too. Was looking to get a core for cheap, but all were more than just buying from oneblade themselves. I did notice a few good deals on the hybrid though.
There are a lot of listings on Ebay for things unrelated to shaving with outlandish prices. Had the same suspicions as AZBronco, but really can't figure out why.


Buy it Now or Best Offer. Thankfully, it wasn't people bidding it up that high.
Then the vendor is clueless and/or greedy. I only mentioned the bidding possibility because I've seen a couple of cases where 2 bidders each entered a very high bid for a comparatively rare razor figuring no one else would come close. Surprise!