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PS5 or Xbox Series X

PS5 or Xbox Series X

  • PS5

    Votes: 18 78.3%
  • Xbox Series X

    Votes: 4 17.4%
  • Both

    Votes: 1 4.3%

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I don't think they're being sold in physical stores yet. However, I was at a Walmart the other day and in the empty glass case where consoles would be kept there was a sign that said "Sorry, but we are limiting one PS5 system per family". Did this mean there were some in there previously, or did they just get the sign ready for whenever they do have them in the case for sale?

After trying dozens of times online and PS5 drops being sold out in mere seconds, my wife somehow got through all the bots and was able to actually purchase one for me. It was mid December but it didn't ship until January 12. I have the disc version but only have a few PS5 games that were available for free download; other than that I've just been playing PS4 games from an external HDD on it.


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I was at my local Walmart Monday and the electronics mgr said they were not getting any in store anymore. I wish I could recall what rep he talked to but it was Sony or Microsoft - I wanna say it was Sony. He was telling me how they had 12 and gave out 12 tickets to the first in line and the 13th guy got so upset they had to call the cops to remove him from the store. He said the rep informed him they were only doing online sales now.
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