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Provence Santé a Vôtre Santé

Yes another French shaving soap and another interesting shaving soap bowl. The French certainly recognize that the Presentation is an important part of the product too! Here is the bowl next to my standard for the lather performance measure of four passes with my Vulfix Old Original #41:


Now for the head-on view of the soap:


This is a splendid soap. The fragrance is clean, clean, clean! If you are one for aromatherapy, this fragrance will add to your sense of well-being, if you are not, it will at the least add to your sense of delight. One of the sources of this soap, SpaShoppe identifies its content as
...features glycerin, shea butter and luzenac talcum (to fight razor irritation) blended in a smooth vegetable base with essential oils of linden and vervain.
I got an exceptionally smooth and close shave with all the comfort of any of the 3T's soaps. Contrary to a review I read elsewhere, as you can see it did not dry out and maintained a rich, creamy lather throughout the entire shave. As a plus, I also have the the nifty bowl as yet another item of decor in the shave shack! You can find this also at BonSavon (where I bought it) and other e-tailers. It comes in the bowl, as a refill, and also in an interesting wooden-boxed gift set accompanied by a redware-handled badger brush at SpaBox.
I close as I started with A Vôtre Santé! To Your Health!

Added Nov 20, 2005
The U.S. Distributor for Provence Santé, Baudelaire Soaps has the full range of Men's Provence Santé Shaving Toilettries on their web site.
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roughrider said:
From the looks of the refills, the soap seem very thick. How do you compare it (size wise) to other hard soaps?
The Provence Santé weighs in at 3.5 ounces or approximately 100 grams. Trumpers is 80 grams, DR Harris is 100 grams and Truefitt and Hill is 99 grams. Hope that helps...
I have been using this soap for a while, and I can say that it is phenomenal stuff. Creates a very unusual lather - very soft and slick. Feels quite luxurious on the face. I would figure this soap in the top 3 for slickness; I actually have trouble stretching my skin for the shave things are so slippery. Kudos to Ron for suggesting it.

BTW, I have an extra one of these soaps, if anyone has something interesting to trade, drop me a PM.
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