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    Here is some pics posted on another thread of the aluminum prototype of the New Paradigm SE. Very creative razor IMHO and if it shaves like a Paradigm I want one
  1. So it looks like magnets hold the cap? I want one. I wish vendors took preorders so I didn’t have to be all paranoid about when they are released and hopefully get one.
  2. Are those magnets or bearings to allow the cap to slide more easily, or maybe both?
  3. Dragonsbeard

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    Looks very unique and I can't wait till it comes out. If it's as good as the other razors Andy's come out with it's sure to be a winner! :a14:
  4. No, those are not magnets or bearings to reduce drag when sliding. They are most likely supported by springs to make sure that the cap does not slide off when properly aligned.
  5. They are press fit ball detent pins. They put pressure on the top cap to keep it in place when a blade is loaded.

    Personally for myself the razor overall just has too much of a square look to it and I think the handle will be the biggest drawback for most that try it. I can remember when the Supply injector was introduced and most that tried it didn't care for the handle and asked for something rounded and it kept most from owning one as they couldn't get used to the grip and I see the same thing with this. I give Andy props though on thinking outside the box on this design and I'm sure his followers will make this sell out as fast as all his other designs...
  6. So basically its 2 pieces. You place the blade on the bottom plate/handle, slide the cap on, and it’s ready to go. I like that. I wonder what the price range is gonna be.
  7. $400
  8. It will be Titanium and cost $395 per Andy
  9. Too rich for me.
  10. Ok,I think 400 is too much for a razor but it will always be easy to sell if it not your cup of tea, so no harm in buying first.
  11. I do not remember another SE in titanium and being Paradigm I'm waiting patiently for the release.
  12. I agree with the too expensive crowd on this personally!! I also will go one further in that I would bet if Andy released his razors in lots of 100+ they wouldn't sell with the hype and fervor like they sell right now!! I'm not saying they wouldn't sell out, just not even close to how they have been... His razors sell quickly because they are done in small batches, usually 10-15 at a a time, and most buy them quickly because they don't know when the next batch will be. He can also charge a premium on his razors because they are done in small batches as opposed to larger.
  13. 400 is ridiculous imho... but what do I know?
  14. I know that it is $200 more than I would spend on any razor and I also know that what could be done with a Feather AC safety razor has already been done two years ago.
  15. It's nice that it's being made in Titanium, but really seems un-necessary when there so many suitable cost effective materials available.

    I wonder when we will get a razor made in Platinum, I don't think anyone has done that yet. Might be worth $400, or more to someone?
  16. A platinum razor would run about $10k and definitely set a new high bar for unnecessary. I’m a big fan of stainless and would probably do aged bronze (wolfman / timeless) if I wanted to pay up for an heirloom razor.
  17. I have been enjoying a Paradigm since late December. Andy came out with the finest DE ever built imo. This new offering is a lot of money but after using the 17-4 $400 for an SE from the same designer is fine by me.
  18. I for one, am super excited about this. So far my face seems to prefer the AC format vs GEM SE blades.

    I hopped on the paradigm hype train at the 17-4 and see no indication that I’ll hop off any time soon. I own and use, almost exclusively, the 17-4 and Ti2. Both were worth every penny to me and behave differently Enough to not feel redundant.

    Also, in the spirit of discussion I’d like to respond to a couple items that folks have brought up.

    Regarding the unit volume - this couldn’t be more incorrect to my knowledge. There were over 200 17-4 razors made and sold. There were I think 25-30 Ti2 razors sold and when they were released were available long enough for me to really go back and forth on getting one. I mean, at least 30 min. With phones these days, it isn’t hard to grab something during a release, at least for me. YMMV of course...

    As far as the value is concerned - to say that it’s not worth it should always be followed by “to me”. The value that one places on something is so individual you might as well use our disclaimer of “YMMV” again. When you factor in the material, the GRADE of said material, the finish (look at the Ti2 vs a ti timless), the fact that not only does the artisan deserve to make a living, but also the wholesaler, and fabricator deserve to be financially rewarded for nice work, and you reach a price point that isn’t for everyone. Again YMMV. I never knew how different of a face feel you get from titanium and personally I love it.

    Anyway, I will certainly buy this razor from Andy at 400 without a blink of an eye and will love it and use it often. I certainly wouldn’t poo poo the price, just because I think it’s excessive.

    Folks have no problems paying 500 for a SS from another well known artisan..
  19. Any $400 razor is not for everyone. It's a luxury item with a niche market. Paradigm's razors offer enough features to justify their price, and I expect these will sell well. Some of the criticisms about the price reflect a lack of understanding about the economics of designing, machining and marketing a razor such as this one. The costs are substantial and have to be spread out over a limited number of units. Moreover, Andy and the retailers are entitled to a profit sufficient to justify their investment and risk. I have no problem with the price.

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