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Proraso Wood & Spice

Has anyone used this stuff? I am a giant fan of Proraso red & green from the creams to soaps to aftershaves- all of it. Love it. My wife loves the sandalwood. So, I figure why not complete the traffic light here and try the yellow? Wood & Spice. My wife says, “now if you put that on thinking I’m gonna drop some drawers, guess again! It smells like some kind of cheap bathroom freshener.” I said “really?” She said “yep- if you wore that to work, MAYBE I could see you wearing it for that- but you’d smell like the janitor cart.”

And once I picked up on where she was coming from, I couldn’t “unsmell” it. Like the smell of those lavender scented trash bags for the kitchen. I got the cream- the balm- the cologne- and it kinda does resemble a stick-up I’d slap on a trash chute 🤣😂🤣

So- it’s proraso- I love them unconditionally- but the yellow is a no go with the wife- which TYPICALLY doesn’t matter if I like something- but we agree on this one. Folks, that’s rare 😂🤣😂

Anyone else try this stuff & love it? Just curious. Like I’d put this in a category the likes of which tabac, lilac vegetal, Williams, etc have the privilege of being in. I would put this up there with them. You’re either called or you’re not. Just thought I’d share and see if anyone else out there wanted to weigh in. Happy shaves!!!
Priceless post my friend!

Domestic harmony reigns supreme! I may have to test my marriage with some of that stuff. I've tried the red and the green aftershave, and it's LOVELY stuff....
Yeah, we disagree on tabac, we disagree on bay rum, she says proraso green is “okaaay”, but this is the first one SHE didn’t like that I also felt- yeah- you’re right….🤣😂

Now I bought it having never smelled it with complete faith in the proraso name- which is still golden in my house- minus the kaka dopobarbo I just got. 🤣


"Self appointed king of Arkoland"
My Dad always used to tell my wife and I that "at least you only ruined one marriage!" I miss that ol' fart. He would have loved to see my son grow into the great husband that he is! He looks just like my Dad, and his bride is just like my mom: more than a foot shorter than he is! Tiny thing like ma, but I know he loves her as much as my dad did mom.

My wife and I laugh more as the years go by. I'm one blessed man.

But my wife is strange. Her favorite smell of all my stuff is Arko! No accountin' fer taste I guess!
Love Proraso Wood & Spice!!
Yes, SWMBO here isn't especially fond of it, but that's ok; I like it!!

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