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Proraso Wood & Spice question

Greetings all,

I've just recently heard about Proraso Wood & Spice shaving cream and would like some input from anyone who's used it. I like the shave I get with Proraso, but frankly I hate the smell. Red, green, sensitive . . . it all smells too medicinal. OTOH, I like woodsy, and I like spicy. So does Proraso Wood & Spice really smell woodsy and spicy, or is it more like the red and green? Any info would be appreciated.
all Proraso has the same underlying "base scent" to my nose.
(it's slightly "medicinal")

But the Wood&Spice is indeed starkly different than the other "flavors" you mentioned.
I like it a lot.

The scent is not so much "dirty" or "earthy" in character.
It's cleaner, and somewhat "synthetic".

Mike M

...but this one IS cracked.
The scent is very strong, even stronger than the green. I found the scent strong enough to stay on my skin after shaving and even be there once I put on my aftershave. It is woodsy but more spicy and the strength of the scent was mainly what led to me 3017ing it earlier this year. It is thicker than the normal Proraso creams but makes an excellent lather.
The only way is to give it a try
I have it and like the scent. I think it was made for straight razor shaving. That said, I find that a thinner lather really makes this cream shine - nice and slick.
I just recently tried this one. I find the scent to be enjoyable but not medicinal even though there’s menthol in it. I live in a subtropical climate so I can see myself using it more in the coming months. I haven’t tried any of the other Proraso products so I can’t how it compares with the rest of their products scent wise
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