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Proraso wood and spice

When I travel where I am going to board a plane - I pack along my trusty cartridge razor for the trip and leave the razor at home. I dont want my investment being confiscated. Its difficult, but I find ways to make the "sacrifice" of shaving with a lower standard cartridge razor compared to the luxurious shaving with a razor.

Do you travel with your razor or do you go to your backup with a cartridge razor on your road trips ?
We typically check at least 1 suitcase when we fly; if anything, for shoes and space for souvenirs.

My daily razor is a Mühle R89 and I have a spare head with resin handle that I've taken on my last trip with a Simpson Special S1 and tube of Truefitt's Sandalwood. I also regularly use a BIC Metal or Shick Slim Twin to get under my nose and that residual bit at the corners of the mouth so I'll be packing that with an easy lathering soap and perhaps a tube of Proraso Wood & Spice...
I really like Wood and Spice. I have the cream, aftershave, and EDC. I use a scuttle when at home so I just smear a little in the bottom and lather that. When I’m traveling I rub some of the cream on my face and then later with a damp brush. Works very well. My AS doesn’t smell synthetic to me and wife likes it too.
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