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Proraso Wheat Germ Shaving Cream/Soap Compared to The Shave Den Wheat Germ Shave Soap

This weekend I had the chance to spend with some friends one being a traditional shaver like myself. He loves all things Proraso especially the now discontinued Proraso Wheat Germ Shaving Cream that came in the red tube. He bought several tubes while he was in Italy and claims it was by far the best of all their shaving creams and soaps. He now only has two tubes left so I asked what are your plans when these are gone. He said that The Shave Den (TSD) sales a Wheat Germ shaving cream/soap that he has tried and he states it is a very close to the Proraso. I checked their store and it looks like you can pretty much select your fragrance and you can add menthol if you choose too. He said that his skin just responds really well to the Wheat Germ Oil as compared to other ingredients. Has anyone else tried the TSD Wheat Germ Shave Cream/Soap and what was your thoughts.
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