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Proraso Single Blade Beard Wash

Anybody else using the beard wash from Proraso's Single Blade line?

A couple of months ago, I picked up a bottle of the "Wood and Spice"-scented Beard Wash and have been using it twice a week as directed. The scent is a warm "woody" mix of cedar and sandalwood with a spicy top note (saffron?). At first, it seemed overpowering, but I got used to it after a couple of weeks. Now, I really like it. Mrs. Demolition likes it, too.

I had been using my regular shampoo to wash my beard, but it always left it feeling stiff and wiry. It also irritated the skin under my beard a bit. The Proraso beard wash is much gentler. Now, my beard is softer and my skin feels quite refreshed. It doesn't foam up like a regular shampoo, but it still feels like it's lifting the dirt out.

Anyway, just curious to know if anybody else has tried this stuff. There isn't any talk on here about this particular beard wash, so I'm wondering if people are avoiding it because it's actually awful and I just have bad taste!

p.s. Last week, I was grocery shopping with the missus. The lady behind us leaned around me, tapped my wife on the arm, and asked "Is this your husband?" I could tell that my wife was bracing herself to hear that I was being accused of some vile act. She said "Yes, he is..." and the lady says "I know this is very forward, but I just wanted to tell you that he's a very handsome man and he smells wonderful! My husband has a similar beard and I just love the look of men with beards." She asked me what cologne or aftershave I was wearing. I mentioned the Proraso Wood & Spice line is carried by Shopper's Drug Mart (up here in Canada).

So, this experience has affirmed to me that buying this beard wash was completely justified because it has raised my sexiness quotient through the roof.:a20: My wife says not to let it go to my head. :001_tongu Regardless, I'm now going to buy the beard oil and aftershave balm.