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Proraso shaving soap green

Proraso goes the distance with there products. I just tried the proraso green soap. And wow , what a scent. And the soap is a very good quality price. Made in Italy.
I just used it last night for my shave. I did use a pre-shave oil, but the results were fantastic. It's become one of my go-to soaps.
Yes I also use a pre shave right now buy proraso, smells incredibly good. I can't stop smelling it sometimes. Proraso soap green will be my go to for now. Until I get some other Italian products. Just need to look.
I got a container of the green recently and like it a lot. I've been using it exclusively for the last week or so.
I bought some Proraso green in a tub last year when I first started DE shaving and I did not care for it because I was not getting it moist enough and it seemed to dry my skin a little more than other soaps, revisited it again 3 months ago and really enjoy it if you get the lather moist enough (water thirsty)and with the menthol cooling in summer is added bonus. Good slickness and volume when lather is wet looking on 2nd& 3rd pass IMO.
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I'm a fan of it as well. Love how tingly it makes my head feel. One of my go to soaps when its 90 or more degrees out.

Hate the soap scum on my razors though!

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I love the soap, have not had the pleasure of using the other soaps. I am skipping a day shaving today. To let a little hair grow. And try out the proraso shaving soap green on a 2 day old shave.
The red is the king, because of the shea butter. Great post shave and slick feeling.
The green is meh. Not bad in any way. But I am spoiled because of the other holly monsters I have in my den.
Well I know the proraso shaving soap green doesn't have an over powering scent which is nice. I was using wilkinson sword as a temp. And mastered how to lather that stuff properly and effectively. Proraso is different for me as it isn't as overpowering as wilkinson sword, I also lather it differently than wilkinson sword. I do it totally different but works much more effective in the end result.
Watch proraso white lather review with Bob Quinn. You Tube, just type in Google how to lather proraso shaving soap. Great video works for me.
I love Proraso Green. It's great in the height of summer, or when I am really tired and need to be instantly woken up with that amazing scent!
I wish when I first used the proraso shaving soap green I would have known how to do it effectively, or I would have gave it a great review. Anyway works amazing now that I have my teqnique down.
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