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Proraso Red Super Formula

Look at the label, it will read “super formula” toward the bottom. The soap tub hasn’t really changed that I’m aware of.
There have been some actual product changes, for instance they have added witch hazel to The Proraso green after shave. And as far as I could tell there has been a change in ingredients To at least the shaving creams so it is not just a packaging change. So either someone’s Italian or English is sketchy!.
I don't think they changed the aftershave lotions formulations.
For one they don't say Super Formula in the packaging, and the ingredients seem to be the same as the previous version.

Proraso is known to have tweaked formulations from time to time, so maybe you've got a even older version of the aftershave.

The only thing I read is that maybe the perfume is less strong (contrary to the Red that lasts a good time in my opinion).
My green aftershave splash contains witch hazel and was bought 2 years ago, so I confirm witch hazel is not a "novelty" from the late 2019 launch. I can't confirm the new splash ingredients as I don't have it yet.
My bad, I didn’t think the old Green splash has witch hazel but it did so it looks like Proraso has just changed the packaging on the Grren splash and left the formula as is. So I think they changed the Creams/Soaps, Pre shaves and Balms but left the splashes alone, at least the Green splash anyway!.
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