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Proraso Red.....lite?

Loving my all-Proraso Red shaves - with pre/cream/AS all in Proraso Red. It's a nice warm, fall feeling and scent. But, I find the scent to be pretty strong and long lasting. I've tried using about half as much as I would normally and it's still pretty strong.

Today I went Red preshave, Red cream, and green AS. This starts nicely with the Red coming through just a bit, but then just drops off completely after 45 minutes. The green is VERY short lived, even if it does allow some of the sandalwood pre/cream to come through.

So....can anyone recommend something that has a similar scent profile, but in a lighter, more subtle variety?

Or...has anyone cut Red AS with anything that keeps it's feel but dilutes it potency?
You could always cut it with some unscented witch hazel. I do that with several aftershaves, just pour a little bit of AS and a little bit of WH into my hand, a quick mix when you rub your hands together and voila.
So....can anyone recommend something that has a similar scent profile, but in a lighter, more subtle variety?
Absolutely! Try Proraso Red cream with Captain's Choice Sandalwood aftershave. The CC has a similar natural, woody sandalwood scent profile as Red, but is not as strong.
Sandalwood isn't light, even the artificial stuff is incredibly clingy and will last for at least 60-100 hours or more on the skin (notice how you can still smell the sandalwood even after washing it off and using the green AS).

Your best bet is to reduce the number of Proraso Red products you use, so you are just enjoying the scent before you wash it off.

BTW... you could do much worse than reeking of sandalwood. Even in large amounts, it's relatively inoffensive.
Yeah I'll try mixing with unscented WH for sure. My only bottle of Thayers has rose, so that won't work. I'll have to pick up some unscented and give it a try. Hand mixing sounds easy... But maybe I'll risk a little and try getting a good ratio in a glass bottle... The problem is testing. Mix, apply, wait till next day. Mix, apply, wait till next day...I don't reckon you can wash it off and be able to dial it in with one sitting.


Load for few swirls from a lightly scented soap like Fine or DRH first, then hit your Proraso Red. The scent dies down and the lather becomes epic.
Don't put aftershave on dry skin. You won't need as much and it will spread around better if your face is still a little wet.

With an alcohol splash you shouldn't need more than one or two big drops using this method. Then you rub your hands together a little and apply lightly.