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Proraso red and.. Proraso red??

Apparently there are two types of packages for the Proraso Red. The only differences are the color and the Superformula text. Haven't tried yet the dark red one.

I am buying another old one, just in case then. Thanks guys! Learnt something new today.
if you find the old version, it will be very old stock at this point, because the change over happened sometime ago, I want to say at least almost a year ago now, even on large retail websites, they have the new formula with the new packaging.

if you are a collector of all things proraso make sure to hold onto the old ones, cause I don't think we will see that style of label again, and or see the striped logo come back. But that's just me, I could be wrong.
Not just the Red version it seems.

I have the Red in the old version and the Green in the new - can't believe I didn't notice until I read this!


Mr. Obvious
The red, green, and white are all super formula. I have both versions of all three because I wanted the latest and greatest. Truthfully I have not noticed any difference between the two versions.
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