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proraso pouch package

I wonder who came up with idea of the proraso pouch package. It stands out as the single ugliest ever package for a shaving cream and should be given an award for that. It reminds me of pouches that are used to hold IV fluids in hospitals.

Attaching one for reference.

Thanks for listening. I feel so much better now.


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Snowmobile 2 stroke engine oil now comes in bags like that......it’s becoming very common, same thing with sour cream, it’s clearly a cost savings to the MFG I’m sure.

It’s not a horrible idea to be honest
It is meant for Barbershops & also to be filled into the designated Proraso Dispensers. Not for the home shaver, albeit they of course can use it.
Proraso Single Blade creams do come in tubes. I ordered mine from Europe, as I've only seen the larger pouches in the U.S. The pouches do look like I.V. bags, but I'm unsure how else they would sell such a large quantity of cream. Whether one is using a brick of soap, or Prorazo Single Blade cream, it's easy transfer an amount to a wide mouthed container.
That's a cool looking container, but it holds 1 1/2 liters of cream and is expensive. I wish they made a smaller version that would fit on my counter top.

overall just about 13" tall, about same as a small vanity mirror.
easy solutions, (1) get a bigger counter or (2) get a job as a barber!
and while you're at it, make room for the aftershave!!

I squeezed some into one of these.

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I love those, however, because they are pressure change resistant(they allow air to escape), the contents can “dry out” a bit or thicken. I had some PDP No. 63 in one and the body wash got a little clumpy.

Where do you get these?
I got mine at REI. They come in different sizes and styles. Great for travel and keeping in a locker if they are being used consistently.
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