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Proraso Original Formula Green Splash

I am looking for the original (not square) proraso aftershave splash. The formula has changed and is more subdued in aroma and feel to the face. In addition, the current formula is more oily. I personally prefer the original formula in the rounded edged glass bottles. I am not sure when it was changed exactly, but I was able to buy the original formula at Target into the mid to late 2000s. The formula changed when the bottles became the square shaped that they are now. Please let me know if you would have some bottles to sell. Thanks, Mullard
Do you mean this one?
Let me check I think I have what you're looking for. I remember buying a bottle at Target oh so many years ago but never using it. I may have sold it off but if I still have it I'll pif it to you.

Update: If I have it it's in my oldest teenage daughter's room squirreled away and right now she's denying access so you're gonna have to wait until she's in a good mood.

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