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PRORASO Legends........

Really, really nice! I would assume these are vintage products? Because if those are retro-looking new sticks - I definitely want some.

Re: Proraso One Blade, I got both "Green" and "Red" last week (Cypress Vetiver and Wood & Spice) and I pressed the cream into these Proraso Green/Red tubs. The final result looks like this:


Anyway, these creams are awesome. They lather so easily; The density and slickness is better than regular Proraso, the scent is great (it's exactly the same as the colognes)... definitely worth the $$.
If you want it you can make your own Proraso shave sticks by mashing the croap into one of the WCS shave stick holders.

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I liked the single blade wood and spice better as the normal jars. It is a bit thinner made for straights but it is slick stuff. I think I finished 3/4 of the huge tube
If you want something denser, check the Red/White /Green tubs "Super Formula".

Here in Greece a tub of them costs 3.50€.
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