Proraso Green New Formulation?

Discussion in 'Shaving Creams' started by THall, May 11, 2019.

    I have been using Proraso Green in the tube for years. I last bought some tubes in December but it took me until today to get to that first December tube.

    When I opened up the tube to put a dab on my brush, I noticed the consistency was creamier, less thick than it normally is, like a lot. The new consistency is more like toothpaste compared to every other tube I’ve ever used, including the red.

    I have to say, it was a better experience with the new, creamier stuff and I had a noticeable improvement in slickness and how my skin felt after the shave.

    Anybody else notice this?
  1. That is good news because, in my opinion, Proraso only flaw was the lack of an adequate slickness, problem resolved with their "single edge" line. I will try to compare the ingredients if I find a picture of the new tube.
  2. Not a regular Proraso user any more, but if you find that a shaving cream is too thick, one possible way to remedy the situation is to place the cream in the fridge for 24 hrs.
    It does not sound intuitive, but exposing shaving cream to cold gives them a thinner consistency that remains when the cream is warmed up to room temperatures again.

  3. Proraso is a two step system, with preshave cream applied for added slickness. If you don't want control over how slick your shave should be, they have the single edge line with added glycerine that's more standalone product.

    For warmer periods of the year I like Proraso red, green, white exactly because it's less greasy. For winter when skin dries, using preshave that boosts slickness is in play.
  4. I like it right out of the tube as is. Great stuff
  5. I like it out of the tube also. This is definitely better than it used to be.
  6. ajkel64

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    It’s great stuff, I love it.
  7. Is there a news source that there has been an official reformulation? Change in consistency can happen for other causes (long storage, storage conditions, batch variety).
  8. I’ve been looking but can’t locate anything. There is quite a difference in consistency. I bought it in December and keep the boxes under the sink as I’ve always done in the past. Like I mentioned previously, I actually prefer the way it is with the newer ones.
  9. I use Palmolive also and this tube is very similar in comparison to that. Not as thick.
  10. I've read the same thing about the 500ml sack of Proraso Green for barber use being creamier, slicker, better hydration in post-shave. But then others say there's no difference to the 150ml tube. So... just use it I guess.
  11. Used it this morning. Recently purchased it so I guess its the new formula. Works very well and plenty of menthol.
  12. Did you find it was more the consistency of like a toothpaste rather than very thick as in the past?

    Like I mentioned, this just feels better than what I’ve used for 7 years, slicker and feels like it has more moisturizer.
  13. Is there any way we can get a definitive answer on whether or not there was a reformulation?

    @Marco, sir, could you please advise us if have you heard anything about this?

    I would love it if the original green tube had been reformulated to have the performance of the newer Single Blade line - that would be the best of both worlds for me.
  14. The green is the only one that i don't have in cream right now. But, people who have still the box of the green, could compare ingredients. If a reformulation has happened, at least one ingredient will have changed or changed in order. The consistency alone is not enough. I have had a tube in the past, that was unusually runny. Probably the shop where i bought it from, had it sitting on the shelf for some years, because they were the last 2 tubes.
  15. Marco

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    I have no info on this topic, nor I have heard anyone talking about any reformulation.

    I could be wrong, but most likely the formula has remained the same.
  16. Neither. Most toothpaste are gel but this felt light and creamy. Easy to use and the menthol lasts very long on your face. Great for summer use.
  17. Don’t use the gel, but the other stuff. Thanks
  18. Thank you sir!
  19. Last I heard of a reformulation was several years ago, like 8 years ago... Some were up in arms about it.

    I don't think Proraso would reformulate their standard line with the same ingredients/performance as their Single Blade line. Marketing wise that does't make much sense, IMO. One can hope though.

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