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Proraso. Do you use it for the scent or it's intended "purpose"?

The only Proraso I have, aside from the red and the green aftershaves, is the green in the big tube. On my recent evacuation for Hurricane Ida, I packed it and my Merkur Progress, and used both every 36-60 hours until I came back home. A good case of "learning your beard and your equipment."
IMO the red is more drying the green is more soothing due to menthol and the white has a better lather overall due to it being sensitive…I have not tried the blue
I have used all three.......to me the performance is the same regardless of the scent. I do love the red and the green. The white is good too, I haven't tried the blue in the container yet, but it's on my radar. Maybe come spring, I already have enough soaps currently.

I have used all three balms from Proraso and I have had great results and really enjoy the balms alot.
When I first decided to try proraso, I bought red, green and white. Apparently, according to Proraso, the green is refreshing, the red is for coarse beards, and the white is for sensitive skin. There is a blue too but haven't tried it, but it is supposed to be moisturizing. I was not a fan of the scent of white, and PIF'd it.

As fall is rolling in, I start to use my red over the green. I love the scent of the red, but in the summer the menthol and scent are better for green. I noticed though I haven't really been able to tell a huge difference between the soap except for menthol and scent. They are both good performers.

Now, I would consider my beard pretty coarse. And I have never felt an advantage or disadvantage vs red or green.

Anyone ever find a difference in performance between the soaps for their beard type? Do you have a beard so thick that red cuts better than green or white?
No difference except scent to me.
as others have mentioned the performance is all the same, it's just the scent that changes with each line. Now do certain ingredients for scent play into performance? perhaps, but doubtful.
IMO the red is more drying the green is more soothing due to menthol and the white has a better lather overall due to it being sensitive…I have not tried the blue
In my case it is the other way round. Sometimes (not always) my skin has a very slight irritation after the mentholated green. Never happens with the red or the blue.
My favorite is the blue cream. I find it provides the best post-shave feel. Scent wise my favorite is also blue, with red a very close 2nd. It's a tie between green and white for the 3rd. I haven't tried any of the single-blade series though.
I purchased a tub of the red croap a few months back and found it easily it builds thick lather and like the scent. While it builds more/thicker lather more easily than my go-to custom blend it does not deliver the same level of slickness (good not great) though it still warrants inclusion in my rotation every now and then. Have found that adding a dab to my go-to soap accelerates the creation of thick lather with out any perceived reduction in slickness. Use it with a Razorock Monster Plissoft synthetic brush. Comparison to my custom blend is based on using the same brush on both.
They all work the same to me, as least the creams.

I have settled on Blue as my year round product for performance and the best scent of the creams. I've been a big fan of the Blue for many years now. I've said it many times, but will say it again....it's as good or better than most products out there. It's not fancy or glamourous, it just works and works well.
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